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Swan Mechanicals Service, MOT & Tyre Centre

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Community Selected 5 Star Golden Dealer Book With Confidence

Service and Repair to all makes of cars and light commercials

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This is a community based web site designed to keep spending local and working for greener Towns.

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The pricing structure at Swan is compatible if not more advantageous than other tyre fitting centres.




Check your tread depth

More tread means more grip in the wet. It’s as simple as that. Check your tread depth regularly either with a dedicated tread gauge or using the built-in tread wear indicator on your tyres. While the legal minimum tread depth is 1.6mm, anything under 3mm (or 4mm for winter tyres) can seriously undermine both performance and safety.


Check your tyre pressure

Tyres simply will not work without enough air. Make sure you check your pressure at least once a month and keep your tyres correctly inflated at all times. You’ll find the correct pressure for your vehicle in your operating manual and in most cases either under your fuel cap, on the inside of your door or in your glove compartment.


Check for damage or irregular wear

Look after your tyres and they will look after you. Check regularly for any signs of irregular wear, any sharp objects lodged in the tread and any cuts, tears, cracks or bulges. If in doubt,  bring your vehicle to us at Swan and we will check it for you.

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Tyre Centre West London

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Welcome to Swan Mechanicals Tyre Centre

Tyre Safety

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Find the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle from tyre safe .org

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